MZ Computer systems provide service on very affordable price

Virus / Malware Removal

Re-installation of Windows XP Home / Pro, Windows Vista. Windows 7/8 – Service Packs and all updates – Drivers – free antivirus software
CAD50.00  Labour
Data Back – Up ( Pictures, Documents, E-Mails)
$35.00 extra

Windows  Re installation ,Windows recovery and free antivirus installation-CAD50$

Diagnose Failed Power Supply, Install New Power Supply

$30+ PART

Notebook Screen Replacement

Diagnose Failed Screen. Install New screen & test.

50,00 Plus part

*Most screens $100.0 to 150

Tear down notebook completely. Clean all fans & heat sinks. Re-solder / replace AC Jack. Test power system. Reassemble notebook.


ONLY DC JACK replacement — $80

Data Transfer

Transfer all files from one computer to another. Transfer includes documents, files and pictures.

CCTV Video Surveillance System Installation-free quote on site

Data & Voice network installation

Network printers configuration