19V 2.15A 5.5×1.7mm AC Power Adapter Charger for ACER Aspire one W10-040N1A A150 W500 S5 D255 D260 D257 D271 D257 Tablet Laptop

$29.95 C$

10 in stock


  • Input: 100 to 240V AC,1.0-0.6A, 50 to 60Hz (worldwide use)
  • Output:DC19V 2.15A
  • power: 40W
  • Outlet: 3-prong
  • Connector:5.5mm*1.7mm

Compatible Laptop Model:
for Acer Aspire One A0A110-1722 Series Acer Aspire One A110L Series
Acer Aspire One A150L Series Acer Aspire One A150X Series
Acer Aspire One AOA110-1295 Series Acer aspire one AOA110-1626 series
Acer Aspire One AOA150-1006 Series Acer aspire one ZG5
Aspire One 10.1″ – Black Aspire One 8.9″ – Black Aspire One A110-1295 Aspire One A110-1545
Aspire One A110-1691 Aspire One A110-1698 Aspire One A110-1722 Aspire One A110-1812
Aspire One A110-1831 Aspire One A110-1948 Aspire One A110-1955 Aspire One A110-Ab
Aspire One A110-Ac Aspire One A110-AGb Aspire One A110-Agc Aspire One A110-Aw
Aspire One A110-Bb Aspire One A110-Bc Aspire One A110-BGb Aspire One A110-BGw
Aspire One A110-Bw Aspire one A110L blau Aspire one A110L weis Aspire one A110X Black Edition
Aspire One A150-1006Aspire One A150-1049Aspire One
A150-1126Aspire One A150-1249Aspire One A150-1382
Aspire One A150-1447Aspire One A150-1493Aspire One A150-1532Aspire One A150-1570
Aspire One A150-1672Aspire One A150-1890Aspire One
A150-1983Aspire One A150-Ab
Aspire One A150-AcAspire One A150-AwAspire One A150-BbAspire One A150-Bb1Aspire One A150-Bc
Aspire One A150-BGbAspire One A150-BGcAspire One A150-BGwAspire One A150-Bk
Aspire One A150-Bk1Aspire One A150-BwAspire One A150-Bw1Aspire one A150L blau
Aspire one A150L weissAspire one A150X blauAspire one A150X weiss
Aspire One D150-1044
Aspire One D150-1125
Aspire One D150-1165
Aspire One D150-1197
Aspire One D150-1322
Aspire One D150-1462
Aspire One D150-1577Aspire One D150-1587Aspire One D150-1606Aspire One D150-1647
Aspire One D150-1860Aspire One D150-1920Aspire One D150-1BAspire One D150-1BkAspire One D150-1Br

13 reviews for 19V 2.15A 5.5×1.7mm AC Power Adapter Charger for ACER Aspire one W10-040N1A A150 W500 S5 D255 D260 D257 D271 D257 Tablet Laptop

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