AC adapter for Lenovo/IBM 20V 3.25A 7.9X5.5MM Lenovo ThinkPadX60


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92P1111, 92P1154, 92P1158, FRU 92P1104, FRU 92P1106, FRU 92P1108, FRU 92P1110,

FRU 92P1112, FRU 92P1114, FRU 92P1153, FRU 92P1157, PA-1650-161, 92P1159,

92P1160, PA-1650-171, 92P1211, 92P1212, 40Y7699, 92P1255, 92P1253, 92P1254,

40Y7696, 40Y7659, 40Y7700, 92P1104, 92P1110, 92P1211, 93P5026, PA-1900-171,

92P1111, 92P1156, 92P1158, 92P1160, 92P1161


Fit laptop model:

Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Series # Lenovo ThinkPad R60, T60 and Z60 Series and

Lenovo 3000 notebooks (with integrated graphics only)

# Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Series: X200 X200S # Lenovo ThinkPad X300 Series: X300 X301

ThinkPad R60 ThinkPad R60e ThinkPad R61 ThinkPad R61e

ThinkPad R61i (Type: 7650, 7732, 8932, 8943) ThinkPad T60 (Type: 19xx)

ThinkPad T61 ThinkPad X60 ThinkPad X60s ThinkPad X60 Tablet ThinkPad X61

ThinkPad X61s ThinkPad X61 Tablet ThinkPad Z61e ThinkPad Z61m

ThinkPad Z61t IBM/Lenovo 3000 Series: LENOVO Lenovo 3000 C100,

Lenovo 3000 N100, auction just for adapter does not include power cord.

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